Magnetic compass

At De Boer Marine, we deliver all kinds of compasses. GPS compasses, gyro-compasses and fluxgate compasses are available from several manufacturers.

We also have analog compasses that can be linked to a repeater and other equipment by means of a TMC sensor.

Magnetic compass

De Boer Marine supplies and installs Autonautic magnetic compasses. These compasses are Wheelmark and MED certified. We recommend the C20 series (IP68) with easy-to-read analog values and bright interior lighting for the night. Also prepared for connection via the NMEA 0183 TMC sensor for digital connection with other equipment.


A gyrocompass, gyroscopic compass or toll compass is a gimbaled and electrically driven gyrotol that maintains a position in space once it has been occupied and is made looking north with the help of precession. It is used for navigation purposes and is preferred over a magnetic compass because of its higher pointing force, smaller errors and because it is not disturbed by iron objects or local anomalies in the Earth’s magnetic field.


The GPS compass determines the location and direction from the GPS signal. Two different antennas are used, the difference in distance then determines the location and direction. For each antenna the distance is calculated from the GPS satellite.


A fluxgate compass is an electromagnetic device that uses two or more coils wrapped around a core with a high magnetic permeability. It receives the horizontal component of the earth’s magnetic field.

The advantage of the fluxgate compass over the magnetic compass is that the data is electrical and can be digitized and sent. The fluxgate compass can thus be linked to repeaters or an autopilot.