De Boer Marine Launches DBMatic V2

De Boer Marine Launches Unique Product: DBMatic V2

De Boer Marine, a leading provider of maritime technological solutions, is pleased to announce the product launch of DBMatic V2 at the Maritime Industry 2023 exhibition. DBMatic is an advanced smartbox that enables shipowners and skippers to measure real-time data on board, providing them with more control over their vessels and allowing them to monitor crucial aspects such as emissions, fuel consumption, and temperatures.

With DBMatic, De Boer Marine is setting a new standard in the maritime industry by providing skippers with a powerful tool to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of their ships. The smartbox collects and analyzes data from various sensors on board, offering skippers a clear insight into the performance of their vessel. Additionally, equipment can be added to this smartbox, which is 100% compatible with all maritime devices.

DBMatic as a Monitoring System

Emission management has become a critical concern in the maritime sector, and DBMatic allows skippers to accurately track their vessel’s emissions in real-time. By providing real-time emission data, DBMatic helps skippers optimize their ship’s environmental performance and comply with increasingly stringent emission regulations.

Furthermore, DBMatic provides insights into a ship’s fuel consumption. Skippers can utilize this data to improve operational efficiency and save costs by optimizing navigation routes, adjusting speed, and identifying potential inefficiencies in the fuel system.

Temperature monitoring is also crucial for the safety and maintenance of ships. With DBMatic, skippers can track the temperature of various components and systems on board, enabling them to detect potential issues such as overheating and perform timely maintenance to prevent unplanned downtime.

Launch after Years of Development

“We are thrilled to introduce DBMatic at the Maritime Industry 2023 after years of development,” said Meindert – Jan de Boer, CEO of De Boer Marine. “With this advanced smartbox, skippers can better manage their vessels, improve efficiency, and simultaneously meet increasingly stringent environmental standards. We are confident that DBMatic will be a valuable addition to any maritime sector. This product is truly unique in the world in every aspect!”

De Boer Marine invites all visitors of the Maritime Industry 2023 exhibition to visit their booth and learn more about DBMatic and other innovative maritime solutions they offer.

About De Boer Marine:

De Boer Marine is a leading provider of nautical equipment and (satellite) communication. With a strong focus on efficiency, sustainability, and safety, De Boer Marine offers advanced products and services to skippers and shipping companies worldwide.

With a team of experienced professionals, De Boer Marine provides comprehensive support in installation, maintenance, and service. By working closely with customers, De Boer Marine understands the unique needs and challenges of the maritime sector and delivers tailor-made solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. The Dutch company has been doing this worldwide for over 15 years.