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Maritime IT & Internet

As a skipper on a fishing, offshore, or merchant vessel, you are highly dependent on data connectivity. That’s why connection reliability and uninterrupted access are top priorities for our maritime IT & Connectivity Experts.

Whether you need regional or global connectivity, our high-speed internet solutions offer you high speeds at attractive prices and unprecedented flexible conditions.

In every sector of the shipping industry, we not only provide our customers with internet but also with (cyber)security. 4G LTE and satellite backup connections guarantee your ships an internet connection at sea at all times.

Our DBConnect connectivity platform supports you with insight into and control over applications that use the maritime internet.

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At De Boer Marine, we specialize in delivering and managing a comprehensive range of maritime satellite communication solutions to meet every need. From VSAT to 4G, and from Starlink to OneWeb, we offer cutting-edge technologies designed to keep you connected at sea like never before.

VSAT, or Very Small Aperture Terminal, provides high-speed broadband internet connectivity for vessels of all sizes, ensuring seamless communication and data transfer even in remote areas. With VSAT, you can stay connected to shore-based operations, access critical information, and enhance crew welfare.

4G connectivity extends the reach of terrestrial networks to the open sea, offering reliable and high-speed internet access for near-shore and coastal operations. This solution enables real-time communication, video conferencing, and remote monitoring, enhancing operational efficiency and safety.

With the advent of Starlink and OneWeb, satellite internet has entered a new era of global connectivity. These low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellations promise high-speed, low-latency internet access from anywhere on the planet, revolutionizing maritime communication with unprecedented speed and reliability.

At De Boer Marine, we understand the unique challenges of maritime communication and tailor our solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our team of experts ensures seamless installation, integration, and management of satellite communication systems, allowing you to focus on your core operations while staying connected to the world. Experience unmatched reliability and performance with De Boer Marine’s comprehensive suite of maritime satellite communication solutions.

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Lightning fast Setup and Adjustments

A temporary project or an urgent need for help? No problem for our connectivity experts! With a lightning-fast setup of our maritime internet solutions, your ships will be provided with more data, higher bandwidth, or other adjustments in no time.

Adjustable Contracts

Afraid that you are tied to a contract? At De Boer Marine we know that our connections and service are of the highest level. That is why you can easily adjust your contract with us or even cancel it monthly!

Worldwide Serviceteams

De Boer Marine’s service teams are active worldwide. Thanks to a wide network of dealers and partners, De Boer Marine has highly advanced service teams, wherever you go!

Our teams work remotely, using AR, and are trained using VR. The latest techniques are applied immediately so that you as a customer are assured of a modern and reliable connection.

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Our Maritime IT Experts

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