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Data & IoT: DBMatic IoT

De Boer Marine is excited to show you the latest developments in the field of business intelligence and proudly presents our in-house developed DBMatic Smartbox.

By combining different partnerships, DBMatic can show you all the vessel data you need to increase the efficiency and reduce the costs of your day-to-day operations, explicitly tailored to your needs, per vessel, in every maritime sector.

Control: DBMatic Portal

DBMatic is a product that collects data in, on, around, and under vessels. The possibilities of data collection and monitoring at DBMATIC are endless.

DBMatic can help you by, for example, reducing the fuel consumption of the main engine, reducing maintenance costs, and increasing the efficiency of the propeller and the efficiency of the ship’s hull.

These are just some of the possibilities of DBMatic, as the options to monitor and control your vessel are unlimited thanks to the 100% compatible interface with existing and new hardware.

DBMatic is unique

What makes DBMatic unique is that all existing hardware can be linked to the platform. All this data can be viewed in the DBMatic portal, an online and onboard portal where users can log in to their ship(s).

This way, you can monitor live data, not only from the ship but also from the mainland itself. The data is stored in the encrypted DBMatic IoT Cloud, which receives the data on board via any connection and is optimized to minimize data throughput.

LinQontrol: Starlink Monitoring made simple

Welcome to LinQontrol, the cutting-edge device that empowers ship owners and operators with unparalleled insights into their vessel’s communication data. Say goodbye to the days of sifting through countless logs and reports to understand your ship’s communication activities. With LinQontrol, you can effortlessly monitor and visualize all onboard communication data through a sleek and intuitive dashboard, revolutionizing the way you manage your vessel’s connectivity.

Monitoring Interface

LinQontrol combines advanced technology and user-friendly design to offer a comprehensive communication monitoring solution. Our device is particularly well-suited for Starlink monitoring and control, seamlessly integrating with your ship’s communication systems. 

With our user-friendly interface accessible across all devices, managing your ship’s connectivity has never been easier. Whether you’re on the go with your smartphone, in the office on your laptop, or on board with a tablet, LinQontrol adapts effortlessly to your device. This flexibility ensures you have real-time access to vital connectivity information without any hassle.

LinQontrol offers advanced application filtering capabilities, giving you the power to manage and customize your ship’s data usage like never before. Say hello to the future of ship communication management with LinQontrol.