WASSP Multibeam

Dive into the next generation of marine exploration with WASSP Multibeam technology, exclusively available through De Boer Marine, your trusted and certified dealer. Our cutting-edge sonar systems redefine underwater imaging, presenting an unprecedented level of detail in vibrant 3D.

Gain unparalleled insights into the aquatic realm as WASSP Multibeam unveils the intricate landscape of the seabed and water column with unparalleled precision. Whether charting fishing grounds or surveying ocean floors, our advanced technology empowers you with comprehensive data to make informed decisions.

Experience a revolution in fishing efficiency as WASSP Multibeam surpasses the limitations of conventional sonar, providing captains with a wealth of information to optimize routes and pinpoint productive fishing spots. Witness significant cost savings and heightened yields, elevating your fishing endeavors to new heights of success.

Embrace sustainability and innovation with WASSP Multibeam — an investment that transcends mere technology to shape the future of marine exploration. Discover endless possibilities beneath the waves, backed by the expertise and reliability of De Boer Marine.

The WASSP equipment is designed in such a way that it can seamlessly integrate with your existing navigation software such as MaxSea TimeZero. The De Boer Marine team has extensive experience with this method, so your Wassp Installation is in safe hands. The backscatter is a very interesting feature for bottom fishing. The backscatter shows the type of soil / soil hardness. Among other things, obstacles can be avoided with this.

For fishing, we work with the F-series. These are the F3, the F3X and the F3XL. In this ascending order, more and more functions are added to the Wassp, such as more depth range or use in combination with other sounders and sonars.

Interested in the Wassp Multibeam? Request a consultation (without obligation) with one of our experts. They will answer all your questions and are happy to help you to let you fish as efficiently as possible!